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Helium Technology.

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Physical Blockchain.

Built from the ground up, the Helium Blockchain provides a new way to incent and reward anyone to participate in building a network and providing coverage. The Helium Blockchain enables a two-sided marketplace and microtransactions which allows machines to autonomously connect to any decentralized machine network without a third-party trust intermediary.


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Helium's blockchain technology is explained by Andrew Thompson – VP, Engineering

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Wireless Technology.

Transform physical devices into connected machines without the complexity or cost. Helium’s wireless network infrastructure makes it easy to build highly reliable, secure connected machines with new radio technology that supports long range (miles), extended battery life (years), and bi-directional capability (including OTA updates).

The firmware and hardware schematics are open source and publicly available to anyone.

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Open Source Software.

Future-proof projects with open-source software that works out of the box to provision and manage machines, route traffic, and connect to public or private clouds in minutes. In addition, anyone can leverage openly available software, firmware or schematics to customize for their specific needs with well-documented APIs and a robust SDK toolkit.

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