Building Management

Deliver better outcomes for owners, manager and occupants with smart building technology

Deliver better outcomes for owners, manager and occupants with smart building technology

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Environmental Monitoring

Connect building systems to bring more efficient operation, control and comfort to building owners, operators, and occupants

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Occupancy Planning

Optimize space planning with real time updates on available capacity

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Energy Consumption

Reduce costs through usage tracking, recommendations and ongoing optimization

Connect your Assets

Helium Dashboard makes monitoring, updating and configuring your deployments very simple. Device data can be easily sent to any cloud service through a range of built-in integrations, as well as the ability to manage device activation, teams and subscriptions. With the Helium Atom Module, practically any Thing can be securely cloud-connected.

HVAC Systems

Fire Alarms

Lighting Control

Room Occupency

Helium Element Access Point

Provides miles of coverage for all Helium-enabled devices. Ethernet & Cellular backhauls available.

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Helium Cloud Router

Scalabale and Secure. Router is robust enough to route millions of messages in seconds.

Helium Cloud Services

Helium's Dashboard interface allows you to manage your fleet of connectivity-enabled devices and data usage. Helium Channels are pre-built, secure connections from Helium-powered devices straight through to your preferred cloud (or clouds).

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TickNetwork Monitoring

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Your Cloud/Application

With Helium getting physical data to your application is affordable and easy.

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Of energy consumption in an average commercial building is wasted


Spent annually in security personnel wages


Amount of time average American spends indoors

Why Monitor?

Helium Connectivity Solutions are simple to deploy and scale but we understand that sometimes you may have questions specific IoT application that need a little extra attention. For those situations, Helium offers a variety of support packages to meet your needs.


  • Control lighting and heating systems
  • Sync HVAC settings with occupancy levels
  • Reduce energy bills and carbon footprint

& Security

  • Monitor and control unauthorized access
  • Remote monitoring for HVAC and fire systems
  • Track occupancy levels

Environmental Conditions

  • Measure ambient conditions and monitor sound levels
  • Regulate temperature settings
  • Proactively identify maintenance and cleanup situations

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