Enterprise & Industry Solutions

Helium provides robust and secure IoT device connectivity for a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

Build business value through connected sensing

Commercial customers looking to take advantage of volume orders should get in touch with our sales team to discuss your particular needs.


Integrate with your own Infrastructure

Helium Dashboard makes monitoring, updating and configuring your deployments very simple. Device data can be easily sent to any cloud service through a range of built-in integrations, as well as the ability to manage device activation, teams and subscriptions.


Chris Penny, Cava Foods

“Getting our smart environmental and temperature sensors up and running and our equipment connected with Helium was surprisingly simple and easy. I estimate that given what we learned from previous installs, it will take our team about 15 minutes per location for the next deployments which can easily happen outside of business hours.”


Business Intelligence

Helium makes it simple to securely acquire data and feed it into new and existing Business Intelligence systems. Every step of the process is simple and secure, saving thousands of man-hours and the need for in-house expertise across a wide range of disciplines.

Once data has been sent from a Helium device it can be simply routed into a variety of cloud services and systems via the Helium Router and the unique Channels system. There's no need to think of IoT data any differently from the data you use in your business decision making today; sensor data is securely delivered straight into the service of your choice where additional insights can be gleaned.


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