Custom MQTT Channel

MQTT is a lightweight publish and subscribe messaging transport which has gained a lot traction with IoT developers and cloud vendors. It's designed for constrained devices and low-bandwidth, high-latency or unreliable networks.

The Custom MQTT Channel lets you configure devices to send data to a running MQTT Broker that can, in turn, communicate with an MQTT Client. (Popular MQTT Brokers include Mosquitto, CloudMQTT, and HiveMQ.)


In order to deploy and use this Channel, you'll need the following:

Deploying the Custom MQTT Channel

  1. In Dashboard, go to Channels and click on the MQTT icon in the Create New Channel section.
  2. From there, enter the Endpoint and Topic specifcs for your targer MQTT Broker.
  3. Lastly, name your Channel and click Create.


Custom MQTT Settings

Once you've configured and deployed the Custom MQTT Channel, we expose all the settings you need to make use of it with your external MQTT Broker. Here's an example of the MQTT Settings you'll be given after you deploy this Channel.


Use all of the following settings to supply data from devices that are part of a Custom MQTT Channel with your external MQTT Broker.

Custom MQTT Settings Usage
MQTT Connection String Use this to connect to the target external MQTT Broker.
Team MQTT Topic Use this to send to all of the data from all the devices in this Channel to your external MQTT Broker.
Atom MQTT Subscription Topic Use this to route to messages from a spefific Atom.
Atom MQTT Publish Topic Use this topic to route message to a speicific Atom.