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Helium Channels

A Helium Channel is a pre-built, secure connection from Helium-powered devices straight through to your preferred cloud (or clouds). Put another way, Channels are a convenience layer between sensors and your organization’s cloud of choice. A Channel can connect to public clouds — AWS IoT, Azure IoT, Google Cloud Iot Core, etc. — or a private cloud. Or both in parallel. Channels can also be used to send device data to applications and services via generic protocols like HTTP and MQTT.

Supported Channels

We maintain a dedicated guide for each of the Channels that we support. Currently all Channels are deployed and administered via the Helium Dashboard. The current list of supported Channels is:

We're adding more Channels based on customer and community usage and feedback. If you want to see support added for Channel that doesn't exist in the above list, get in touch with the Helium team.