Lean, Green
Mining Machine.

The Helium Gateway is the world’s first crypto miner that uses radio waves instead of power-hungry computations.

Built to power a decentralized machine network, the Helium Gateway introduces a fair, eco-friendly method to generate tokens.

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A Simpler,
Fairer Miner.

No mining pools, expensive hardware, or technical knowledge needed.

The Helium Gateway mines Helium tokens by validating that other gateways in the network are providing legitimate wireless connectivity.

Simple: Just provide internet and power.

Fair: Everyone has equal opportunity to mine.

Be Part of Something Huge.

Helium Gateways combine to form a worldwide wireless network for machines.

The real power of Helium is its decentralization - it's built and owned by you! As gateway owners, you set the cost for machines to pay in exchange for connectivity.

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Connect Machines of all Types.

Helium connects low-power machines to the internet in a new, secure, and affordable way.

Thousands of machines can connect to a single gateway and send encrypted data through to the internet over miles of range. Owners earn tokens every time machines connect to their gateways.

Mining that won't cost the Earth.

We Replace Power-Hungry GPUs with Radio Waves.

The mining process takes only minimal amounts of power (as much as an LED light bulb) and only requires an internet connection to operate. The power requirement for mining is fixed and will remain the same, regardless of the size of the network.

Helium is already trusted by thousands, including:

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If you are interested in deploying an application using the Helium Decentralized Machine Network, send an email to sales@helium.com and we'll be in touch.

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